[Interest] Dragging across the path

Alexander Ivash elderorb at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 12:24:13 CET 2018


What is the best way to implement it?

At the moment I have at least these two options:

1. Use normal QML mechanism for dragging (MouseArea's drag) but on x/y
changes of draggable item do Qt.callLater to adjust x/y manually.
2. Implement dragging manually using MouseArea and PathInterpolator

The first approach, besides a lot of manual calculations has
fundamental flaw - x/y are adjusted after being initially set, so
dragging will never be perfectly smooth.

The second approach doesn't use standard mechanism of dragging at all.

Is there better way which I don't see at the moment? Shouldn't
something like 'mouse pre-filter' or 'dragging constraints' become
part of the QML dragging mechanism in future to help solve such a use

To add a bit more context think about 'swype'-keyboard with snapping
to the predefined paths..

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