[Interest] Nice blog posts about cross-compiling Qt apps from windows to linux & mac

David M. Cotter dave at kjams.com
Tue Jan 30 03:13:33 CET 2018

> On Jan 29, 2018, at 5:15 PM, Christian Gagneraud <chgans at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 30/01/2018 6:56 AM, David M. Cotter wrote:
>>> You can just use this:
>>>  http://mxe.cc
>> hmm
>> this appears to allow you to develop on MacOS X
>> are you saying that this lets you cross-compille to Windows?
>> ie: build on MacOS the actual windows binary?
>> but i don’t expect it can debug windows (remotely) from the mac. :(
>> sigh.  I remember CodeWarrior, which WAS in fact “The Holy Grail”.
> CodeWarrior UI was (is still?) pretty bad, not to say crappy... And is targeting embedded devices AFAIR. I much prefer QtCreator for Qt/C++ dev.

what i remember is that i could compile for windows *on my mac*, have it launch the windows binary on a remote windows box (or VM), and i could debug it remotely, on my mac, using the codewarrior debugger.  it was heaven.

it could gracefully debug things like window activations too, since the debugger was remote (ie: the debugger UI didn’t interfere with debugging the target app UI)

the debugger (and IDE) UI was great for my purposes, it “just worked”, without all the issues that xcode has.  didn’t seem bad to me at least. i wasn’t doing embedded devices, so i don’t know about that.

the goold old days.  like MacOS 10.6.

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