[Interest] Lifetime of QNetworkReply from QNetworkAccessManager

Tom Isaacson Tom.Isaacson at navico.com
Tue Jan 30 05:06:37 CET 2018

Ah thanks! Now I just have to figure out why calling deleteLater() is causing a crash...

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    > Subject: [Interest] Lifetime of QNetworkReply from QNetworkAccessManager
    > If I call a function like QNetworkAccessManager::head() with a QNetworkRequest I get a pointer to a QNetworkReply. But who's responsible for clearing up the QNetworkReply? Is it me, is it parented to the QNetworkReply, is it parented to the QNetworkAccessManager? If the latter, if the QNetworkAccessManager lasts for the lifetime of my application are all the QNetworkReply's going to take memory for the lifetime of the app?
    > I'd expect this to be covered in the documentation but I can't see anything:
    > https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qnetworkaccessmanager.html#head
    It's in there:
    "Note: After the request has finished, it is the responsibility of the user to delete the QNetworkReply object at an appropriate time. Do not directly delete it inside the slot connected to finished(). You can use the deleteLater() function."

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