[Interest] can the QRegExpEngine cache acces objects belonging to an unloaded library during global destruction?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Jan 30 19:15:28 CET 2018

On terça-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2018 09:41:06 PST René J. V. Bertin wrote:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Correct, you don't need the macro for the new-style connect, except to add
> > new signals. But add it anyway.
> That means I'll need a moc file. Is that going to oblige me to move the
> class definition to a header file, or is there another way to obtain that
> moc file?

.cpp files can be moc'ed too. You just need to #include the output at the end 
of the file.

> > Your answer is in the question itself: if a thread is doing something, can
> > it at the same time be doing something else? When you say
> > "non-deadlocking lock", you mean "reentrant mutex".
> Not at the same time in the absolute sense of the term, of course. But
> you're right, it seems unlikely a thread would send itself a signal from
> deep below the event loop. I guess I still confound Qt signals and system
> signals.

More importantly: would the code that you're using send that signal? The only 
way for it to recurse from your own code is if you allow it.

> Damn, in the meantime I've come up with a rather nice synchronisation
> mechanism (featuring a timed QSemaphore), now I can break all that down
> again :)

Timed semaphores are evil.
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