[Interest] Video acceleration with gstreamer 1.0 omx and Qt 5.9.4 / 5.10 eglfs on RPI3 (brcm)

Petar Koretić petar.koretic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 17:28:57 CET 2018

Hi all.

So I haven't played around with this for some time but around one year ago
or more I think I got this up running fairly easily. This was maybe still
with gstreamer 0.10.

For the past two days I was trying to get video working with acceleration
on the RPI player through QtMultimedia using QML Video element.

Using VC4 driver is a no go as there is no acceleration support in the
driver yet as far as I know but the simple fullhd video played pretty
nicely as far as it goes.

Anyway I went back the standard omx route.
I tried to build and use Qt 5.9 creating a system using buildroot as I
always do and later checking with latest raspbian stretch.
Both methods compiled without issues using eglfs and gstreamer 1 and using
the broadcom driver.

In the end these are the instructions that I decided to follow for rasbian
where I used gstreamer-omx-rpi package.

Playing example full hd video (
http://cdn3.viblast.com/streams/hls/airshow/2670k/stream.m3u8) or any mp4
youtube file results in a not so smooth video with obvious stutters
(gpu_mem is at 256mb)
.GST_DEBUG=omx:4 shows that the omx is being used.

I remember that I was able to play two videos at the same time (one full
hd, one smaller) with animations without issues but I'm not sure if this
was using eglfs and gstreamer 1.0 as it was more than a year ago.

Is this expected to work in this setup with gstreamer omx on rpi and
broadcom driver using eglfs or which route should I go? Any help is
appreciated as I've tried a fair bit of different things and I'm still
trying but can't understand if this should be possible at all.

Best regards,
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