[Interest] Video acceleration with gstreamer 1.0 omx and Qt 5.9.4 / 5.10 eglfs on RPI3 (brcm)

Petar Koretić petar.koretic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 18:48:47 CET 2018

Thanks Paolo,
I also found something along that lines so I will be trying this next.

Vlad, thanks, I actually took buildroot one from that page to make sure it
works :)
yocto was also next on my list, but for the lack of time I always end up
using buildroot in the end as it should work the same, and I knew I had
this running on raspbian so I thought this will "just work" as I would
somewhat expect this to be pretty standard

Best regards,

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 6:42 PM, Vlad Stelmahovsky <
vladstelmahovsky at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> have you  checked the link: http://www.jumpnowtek.
> com/rpi/Raspberry-Pi-Systems-with-Yocto.html ?
> On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 5:28 PM, Petar Koretić <petar.koretic at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> So I haven't played around with this for some time but around one year
>> ago or more I think I got this up running fairly easily. This was maybe
>> still with gstreamer 0.10.
>> For the past two days I was trying to get video working with acceleration
>> on the RPI player through QtMultimedia using QML Video element.
>> Using VC4 driver is a no go as there is no acceleration support in the
>> driver yet as far as I know but the simple fullhd video played pretty
>> nicely as far as it goes.
>> Anyway I went back the standard omx route.
>> I tried to build and use Qt 5.9 creating a system using buildroot as I
>> always do and later checking with latest raspbian stretch.
>> Both methods compiled without issues using eglfs and gstreamer 1 and
>> using the broadcom driver.
>> In the end these are the instructions that I decided to follow for
>> rasbian http://www.tal.org/tutorials/building-qt-510-raspberry-pi-de
>> bian-stretch
>> where I used gstreamer-omx-rpi package.
>> Playing example full hd video (http://cdn3.viblast.com/strea
>> ms/hls/airshow/2670k/stream.m3u8) or any mp4 youtube file results in a
>> not so smooth video with obvious stutters (gpu_mem is at 256mb)
>> .GST_DEBUG=omx:4 shows that the omx is being used.
>> I remember that I was able to play two videos at the same time (one full
>> hd, one smaller) with animations without issues but I'm not sure if this
>> was using eglfs and gstreamer 1.0 as it was more than a year ago.
>> Is this expected to work in this setup with gstreamer omx on rpi and
>> broadcom driver using eglfs or which route should I go? Any help is
>> appreciated as I've tried a fair bit of different things and I'm still
>> trying but can't understand if this should be possible at all.
>> Best regards,
>> Petar
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> Best regards,
> Vlad
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