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Just to note that more than “two minor fixes” were done related to widgets in Qt 5.11.2 of the total 262 fixes: https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=19635

Widgets is an important area and we are actively maintaining those. There is less new development than on some other areas, but Widgets are not forgotten.

This is just to point out that situation is not as bad as you said. There is always possibility to do more and there are certainly many bugs still to fix in Widgets area.



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I get that. Let me try to be more constructive then - looking at the proportion of the number of those long standing unresolved issues to the number of bullet points in the release notes by module I'd say a lot of those unlucky ones sit in the widgets area (e.g. 2 minor fixes in 5.11.2 is hardly an adequate pace).
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