[Interest] Priority of bugs

Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Tue Oct 2 08:28:07 CEST 2018

From: Krzysztof Kawa <krzysiek.kawa at gmail.com>

>> P.S. On the positive side, in regular intervals we do a bugfixing week. During such a week
>>the entire RnD org focuses only on bugs. I consider them a fairly successful exercise and as luck will have it, we have one next week 😉

>That's great to hear. It's a good initiative, but I fear that due to the size of Qt that's simply not
> enough (as unsympathetic as it may sound, sorry). Also I obviously don't know that but I suspect
> the focus of these bugfixing weeks is on the new shiny stuff, not older tech like widgets, right? 

I wanted round this discussion up by stating the outcome of last week (Tuukka's link was based in previous time span, aka 5.11.2):


There might be some bugs in the list which were fixed by people from outside of Qt RnD but I can count over 100 bugs being squashed and the set includes 15 widget related bugs. 

There are a few fixes still sitting on codereview which have not merged yet and hence are not resolved yet.


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