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Jérôme Godbout godboutj at amotus.ca
Wed Oct 10 14:11:24 CEST 2018

Make sure to check how QObject are related to a QThread. Each QObject
belong to a single QThread and cannot be used into other thread. If you
need the object into another thread to do processing or signal/slot, you
will need the QObject::moveToThread() function on each object first.

You might want to check if the moveToThread() does affect children too (I'm
not sure anymore), so you might only move the root parent or you might need
to do your own function to move all children too. You also make a lot of
parentless object into your code above, make sure this is what you want.

I did this with a secondary QQmlEngine that was executing some Qml
declaration into is own other thread and then move the resulting object
back to the main loop thread QQmlEngine. So it's doable but not too funny.

The GUI rendering can only work into the Main loop thread, take care if you
do some rendering of the scene that will be rendered on screen. The
offscreen rendering into buffer does't suffer from this limitation if I
remember well. Note this is not Qt3D directly, but my guess here is that
it's proabbly working the same way.

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 at 08:01, Saif Suleiman <saifqaher94 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Currently I am trying to import a scene in my Qt3d application. The
> problem is, when creating an instance from QSceneLoader and set the sources
> QUrl then add it to an Entity, it freezes the application until it finishes
> the importing. I tried to put it in thread like :
> void start(){
>     qDebug() << "Thread";
>     QAspectEngine* pAs = new QAspectEngine();
>     pAs->registerAspect(new QRenderAspect());
>     QRenderSettings *renderSettings = new QRenderSettings();
>     renderSettings->setActiveFrameGraph(new Qt3DExtras::QForwardRenderer());
>    // Root entity
>    Qt3DCore::QEntity *sceneRoot2 = new Qt3DCore::QEntity();
>    sceneRoot2->addComponent(renderSettings);
>    pAs->setRootEntity(QSharedPointer<QEntity>(sceneRoot2));
>    Qt3DRender::QSceneLoader *sceneLoader = new Qt3DRender::QSceneLoader();
>    SceneWalker sceneWalker(sceneLoader);
>    QObject::connect(sceneLoader, &Qt3DRender::QSceneLoader::statusChanged, &sceneWalker, &SceneWalker::onStatusChanged);
>    sceneLoader->setSource(QUrl::fromLocalFile("C:/Users/USER/Downloads/TreeTest.obj"));
>    sceneRoot2->addComponent(sceneLoader);
> }
> This fuction will run when the Qthread emit the started signal, but then i
> got this : QObject::setParent: Cannot set parent, new parent is in a
> different thread.
> So i do not know how to import a scene in qt3d without freezing the app,
> can any one help please.
> Thanks in advance.
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