[Interest] Find frontmost widget of specific type?

Henry Skoglund fromqt at tungware.se
Mon Oct 22 23:42:33 CEST 2018

On 22/10/2018 23.34, Giuseppe D'Angelo via Interest wrote:
> Il 22/10/18 23:22, Henry Skoglund ha scritto:
>> Hi, just an idea, but obviously somewhere deep inside Qt's bowels
>> (rather, the painting system) there's knowledge of which window obscures
>> which etc.
> There isn't. Compositing window managers have been a reality on desktop 
> machines since Mac OS X 10.2 (2002), maybe even before that.
> The only really robust approach is asking the WM what are the visible 
> windows and their stacking order. Keeping the order in Qt is also 
> feasable, modulo of course bugs in the Qt / WM interaction...
> My 2 c,

Ok, I see, nice try but 16 years too late. I guess that only shows my 
age :-(

Rgds Henry

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