[Interest] Main window content cropped by window frame on 4K Dell laptops? Anyone seen this?

Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 15:01:29 CEST 2018

Hi all,

We've been getting some reports from customers that the main window
content of our application appears strangely cropped, as if it's too
big for the containing window. The common theme so far seems to be
that they are all running Dell laptops with 4K resolution, Windows 10

Two computers we know for sure it has happened on are Dell Precision
5510 and Dell XPS 9560 in 4K configuration.

The attached screenshot is the only visual evidence I have of this occurring.

As you can see, the main window is cropped by the window along the
top, left, bottom and right side (the menu bar is completely

We've been trying hard to reproduce this on a multitude of laptops, in
various resolutions (including 4K) and with various screen scaling
settings and multi-monitor setups.

We're getting a bit desperate, so we're going to find a laptop
matching the exact model the customer had in an attempt to reproduce
it, hoping this is some SW issue/factory configuration/driver version
issue specific to the Dells.

I just wanted to ask: Has anyone ever seen this particular problem
before? So far I've not seen this specific issue anywhere in the Qt
bug tracker or forums.

At the moment, our Windows builds use Qt 5.11.2. In the past we've
used 5.9 (I think 5.9.5). The issue has been seen by customers with
both versions.

Thanks in advance,
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