[Interest] QWebSocketServer - server randomly stopsacceptingconnections

Jakub Narolewski izowiuz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 20:32:10 CEST 2019

Quick test and it looks like this is it. When I start my server in SSL mode and spam some ws connections at it I quickly loose ability to connect – even under Windows.
What’s more, trying to connect to SSL server using ws protocol does not emit any errors on the server side.

Can situation on my remote test server can be attributed to bots and / or scanners? Our client forces only wss connections, so something else has try to connect to it.
Well, either this is QTBUG-57026 or some other, completely unrelated thing x]

Hmm, this could be problematic. Either I will hack Qt sources or will try to use QTcpServer to hack around it.

From: Jason H
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To: Jakub Narolewski
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Wow, a P1 that was abandoned. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/179030/
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