[Interest] QtWebAssembly license question

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Thank you for the link.

And no, I don’t have a commercial license for Qt. Qt LGLP licensed part is enough for my needs.
I will have to deal with JavaScript then.



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Check out: https://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/11/19/getting-started-qt-webassembly/#comment-1206267

You can always license it commercially. Commercial licesensees are not boung by GPL in Qt. Since you have a "boss" you're probably using Qt commercially. IANAL.

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before starting QtWebAssembly evaluation, I would like to know what are the “limitation” of the GPL Version?
Does it mean that everything I will develop using QtWebAssembly must be GPL?

At this time, we have developed our Web frontend using JavaScript base kits, but I am not a JavaScript fan, I would prefer do the development with C++/QML.
But, if all have to be GPLed, my boss would not agree.

I am a software developer and not a lawyer, so could someone give me more information about this point?
I hope the is the right mailing-list to post this kind of question?

Best regards

Fabrice Mousset
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