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Roland Hughes roland at logikalsolutions.com
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You have brought up yet another of the limitless reasons QML and 
JavaScript shouldn't be used for any production system.

Pull down this zip file.


(It's discussed in the "Raspberry Qt" post series on logikalblog.com)

Take the LogikalLogger class. It's a singleton. Add it to your 
application. I typically "expose" it by creating a Backend class which 
is then registered with QML and instantiated by main.cpp.

Forget the console.log() abomination ever existed. Always use 
backEnd.logDebug() or logCrit(), etc. (Critical typically also includes 
a call to the wrench screen to hide the screen before ending the 
application. Critical means one cannot safely continue without adverse 
outcome to human life.)

If you always use your logDebug() wrapper (or expose LogikalLogger 
directly and pass the various syslog values) no Debug level messages 
will ever be recorded or displayed when the application is not compiled 
with debug. For some clients I have even modified versions of this to 
include a set/get methods for "minimum log level" so it could be 
controlled from the command line at startup. This allowed them to weed 
out INFO and under messages but still keep warning on up.

Of course, the best solution is to never consider QML or JavaScript for 
anything because they are unfit for production use.

On 4/25/2019 3:59 AM, Alexander Ivash wrote:
> I understand that this topic was raised a lot of times and that this
> is not QML-way. But, what options do I have in case of requirements to
> eliminate all the logging for release builds?
> Is there any hidden magic in qmake, like 'QMAKE_SUBSTITUTES' but more
> flexible to substitute all the 'console.debug....' with '//
> console.debug' right before adding qml into resources?
> p.s. Yea, I'm aware of selectors, but would like to avoid having both
> component-with-logging.qml and component-with-no-logging.qml

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