[Interest] Overriding list properties in QML at initialisation

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann at qt.io
Wed Aug 14 11:23:19 CEST 2019


> If I create a class with a QQmlListProperty and then initialise it with 
> an array in some QML file, then subclass the QML type in a second QML 
> file and try to override the array there, when creating an instance of 
> the child class, the list contains the arrays concatenated instead of 
> the overriding array.

That's the expected behavior of the default property, e.g. children in 
QQuickItem. Arguably, it should not extend to explicitly setting any 
other list properties.

> In the following example, I would expect the list to contain 2 elements 
> instead of 5. What are your thoughts? Should I fill a bug report and try 
> to provide a fix?

Yes, that would be nice. Keep in mind that the default property should 
still behave the old way, but only if you actually use it as default 
property. The details can be discussed in the report, though.

best regards,

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