[Interest] Qt free software policy

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Aug 14 22:05:06 CEST 2019

On Wednesday, 14 August 2019 12:17:44 PDT Benjamin TERRIER wrote:
> The new add-ons modules could be provided as GPLv3 + GPLv2 + LGPLv3.

Just a nitpick: there's no need to have GPL-3.0 and LGPL-3.0 at the same time. 
So the combinations are GPL-2.0+LGPL-3.0 and GPL-2.0+GPL-3.0.

I don't know if there's anything that is GPL-3.0 (without 2.0). There may be.

There may also be some old code that is LGPL-2.1 because it was lacking an 
upgrade path. Probably the web engines.

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