[Interest] Android: include and use the translation files of Qt (qt_*.qm)

Jérôme Godbout godboutj at amotus.ca
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Since you can combine resources, you could either have your resource into a different repos (this is what I do with Git subModules, my i18n repos get update on his own, I do another build for now when I release). But you probably could compile the resource with rcc and dynamically load it by using : QResource::registerResource("/path/to/myresource.rcc"); So you could download them or bundle them to application folder and load them after. You could even make a .rcc for each language.

If I remember well, the .qm are compatible with the major Qt version, so you do not need to update it at each release. But I rarely find an application where I modify the application but the i18n string don't get updated at the same paste. I agree deploying different language pack is a good thing.

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Is there a "good" way to achieve this?

The only solution for know I'm thinking of is to manually copy all them into my project folder and include into resource files.

This is not good because I'll have to store them in my repository and I'll have to update them every time I update Qt.

What I want instead is to be able to tell qmake/androiddeployqt tools to add all these files automatically from Qt installation folder into my APK.

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