[Interest] [Qt-creator] Android will require 64bit soon

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Sat Feb 2 16:30:55 CET 2019

Am 02.02.19 um 04:29 schrieb Aleksey Kontsevich:
> 01.02.2019, 12:11, "ekke" <ekke at ekkes-corner.org>:
>> Also I think I must then also compile OpenSSL for 32 bit and 64 bit and then need to know HowTo include into .pro
> That could help You to do this: https://github.com/akontsevich/openssl-android-build
Thx Aleksey,

your github project looks great. Later this month I'll add 64 bit
support to my Qt Android projects and will try to use your project to
build OpenSSL for Android 32 + 64 Bit.


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