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Thanks for this delightful answer.

I totally agree with your points and I couldn’t have them exposed better myself.

You are not alone!

Best regards,


PS: isn’t a mobile device a embedded device anyway? XD

> On 8 Feb 2019, at 17:44, mail at herrdiel.de wrote:
> "All",
> somebody who calls a whole platform "idiot" lacks any respect for those
> who work in that field. Doing so repetetively whenever mentioning
> "phones", is not a slip of the keyboard but is done intentional - which
> puts the author in the very vincinity of his own vocabulary.
> I don't want to read this kind of indignity ever and anon. I've rarely
> seen such constantly condescending and trolling behavior being
> tolerated  as long as with this individual.
> Loaden with self-advertizing links, his rants and unproven premises
> often need no more factual base than his opinion and in their
> narcissistic self-repetition they have long become spam. It is fine to
> have an opinion. It's ok to state it clearly. But to hawk it with
> almost every email and in every non-related context is getting a tad
> tedious.
> I don't want programmers (like me) to be insulted as "script kiddies"
> and "12 year old boy"s with "shabby skill levels" that write "idiot
> apps" for "idiot phones" that have "the lifespan of a fruit fly". It's
> ok to be carried away a bit, but these deliberate defamations are a pattern.
> I don't want to read all that self-righteous boasting about his
> experience from the age of vacuum tubes and Zuse I. I just don't care.
> It's just OT, as Giuseppe D'Angelo pointed out a while ago.
> I don't want to read stuff like "QML (puke)" from somebody who has long
> passed puberty.
> I do appreciate the open discussion style on this list. I even do
> appreciate a somewhat harsh style, if it has a factual base and is
> getting straight to the point instead of b*s*ing around. But those
> lengthy wallpapers our President of Logikal solutions commonly utters,
> have long since crossed the border from amusing to annoying.
> As for me, I have just plonked Roland Hughes again (no, not the first
> time). But that doesn't help if I have to read through all the
> avalanches of replies who just feed the troll (like mine now, probably).
> I'd be happy to see him banned, at least temporarily. But then again, I
> am just a 12-y-o script kiddie (not true) with a shabby skill level
> (true), so you won't really need advice from me.
> Sorry for the rant. Won't happen again on this topic.
> Sebastian
> Am 08.02.2019 um 15:19 schrieb roland at logikalsolutions.com <mailto:roland at logikalsolutions.com>:
>> All,
>> Slightly off topic but still relevant, if Qt cares even slightly about
>> still being used in the embedded world. If all they care about are
>> idiot phones and that declining market, I guess this doesn't matter.
>> https://barrgroup.com/Embedded-Systems/Books/Embedded-C-Coding-Standard
>> Given much of the embedded world tries to adhere (mostly) to the Barr
>> standard but falls victim to the wordiness of our C++ world (even
>> COBOL looks askance at Q_PROPERTY macros) we tend to work in worlds
>> which require multiple right margins, only one of which has a hard
>> wrap. While it would be awesome if QtCreator could let it be
>> completely arbitrary as Sublime does:
>> "rulers": [80, 100, 120],
>> "word_wrap": true,
>> "wrap_width": 120
>> It would be nice to be able set 2 with the farthest one being the wrap
>> point if wrapping is enabled. Most shops strive for 80 but put in
>> their "overrides" for the standard a hard limit of 130. As it stands
>> now we can see what we strive for or the hard wall, but not both.
>> Thanks
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