[Interest] Problems getting Qml camera to work under iOS

Roman Wüger roman.wueger at gmx.at
Sun Feb 10 13:23:49 CET 2019



I use CMake with Qt >= 5.11.1 and have troubles to get my camera working
under iOS 12.1.

I set the required key/value (NSCameraUsageDescription) in the Info.plist
file and link against the required libraries:

target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} Qt5::AVFServicePlugin) # imported
library for libqavfcamera.a


But when I switch to the page which includes the Qml Camera and VideoOut, I
get the following error:

defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for –


I also read the other solved problems, but can’t figure out what the problem
is, since I link against the required library and set the key in the
Info.plist file.


Do I miss something else?


Thanks in advance


Kind regards


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