[Interest] vs. Flutter

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Tue Feb 19 16:08:50 CET 2019

> 19.02.2019, 15:27, "Vlad Stelmahovsky" <vladstelmahovsky at gmail.com>:
> > QtMultimedia cant be less power than GStreamer, because QtMultimedia on linux uses gstreamer as backend :)
> It's less powerful because its API provides lowest common denominator of all media backends

Well when dealing with x-platform apps a Pareto distribution is just fine for 80% of the people 80% of the time. I've been working with multimedia on Mobile and aside from non-parity on platforms, what Qt has offered in it's API has covered 100% of my usage. (By non-parity, I mean my commercial support agreement was used to being recording parameters to AVFoundation on iOS and most recently for 5.13, audioRoles in Android (iOS needs audio roles yet too)) All of these were relatively small additions to the code base but did not need API modification.

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