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Sylvain Pointeau sylvain.pointeau at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:03:25 CET 2019

I am personally not convinced yet about having a javascript VM. It seems to
be a bottleneck.
However I see the advantages it brings, but was it really necessary?

Le mar. 19 févr. 2019 à 21:15, Christoph Feck <cfeck at kde.org> a écrit :

> On 02/19/19 20:47, Jason H wrote:
> > What I've learned is that it's better to stand on the shoulders of
> giants than to rewrite the universe from scratch. I dream of a say where we
> can code things and everyone else regardless of platform can run it. I
> thought this was going to be .Net CLR, or Java VM, but corporate ownership
> initiatives derailed them (Much like the "You will" ATT ads of the 90s - we
> got it, but not from ATT). But C/C++ runs all more platforms/processors.
> Linux has come a long way in terms of bringing all CPUs a usable software
> ecosystem. And this though rather obtuse is one reason to pick Qt - that
> it'll support any system that can run a C++ compiler. You don't technically
> need to use QML, you can keep going with C++.
> Once upon a time a mother of two curious boys called me, asking me to
> teach them programming. They have no clue what language to start with,
> so I suggested C as a base, to later learn Python, C++, Java (or C#).
> Then some "smart" student told one of the kids "JavaScript is da future
> of da Internetz". I stopped teaching them after it was suggested to
> stop the C course and swap it for a JavaScript course.
> C/C++ will be relevant in the future. All other languages will come and
> go (no pun intended).
> Whether Qt will be relevant in the future lies in the hands of its
> developers. Don't ruin it.
> Christoph Feck
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