[Interest] Need help with deprecated QVariant functions

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Thu Feb 21 21:09:30 CET 2019


the two functions qVariantFromValue() and qVariantSetValue() are 
deprecated but the replacements QVariant::setValue() / fromValue() are 
using exactly those two functions...
Those two functions are some of the last obsolete functions which did 
not yet get decorated with QT_DEPRECATED but since this is affects a 
major class of Qt I don't think it's a task for me.

So can someone please take a look on this and mark the two functions as 
deprecated so they can be safely removed with Qt6?

The other three functions I found in qtcore and are not yet decorated 
  - QByteArray::operator const char *() const (the last idea was to 
un-deprecate this function)
  - QByteArray::operator const void *() const
  - QLineF::angle(const QLineF &line) const (is QLineF::angleTo() the 
correct replacement?)
  - QLocale::countriesForLanguage(Language language)
  - QMetaProperty::isEditable(const QObject *object) const (don't know 
why this is deprecated/what's the replacement)


btw: the examples can now be compile with QT_NO_FOREACH :)

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