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Bernhard B schluchti at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 19:31:56 CET 2019

> I guess that amongst mobile developers this number is higher than for C++

yeah right, but I am not sure whether the majority of Qt developers (the
target group) want to deal with Java/Objective C.

e.q: I know quite a few C++ developers who hate Java with a passion. But I
don't want to start a language war here, so please see the generalized
statement as that what it is: a generalized statement ;-)

I am wondering whether I can help to improve the current situation somehow.
I've never contributed to Qt before, but I think with a bit of help from
the community and some experienced developers I might be able to make some
small improvements.

But what happens with the feature once it is implemented? Who will maintain
the feature and fix bugs? I think especially at the beginning (platform
specific) bugs will arise. Ideally I guess, those bugs should be fixed by
the person who implemented the feature (as he/she knows the code best).

But in my case, even if I find time to contribute some small improvements,
I probably won't be able to maintain them (I am already involved in too
many open source projects). What happens with the code then? Will it be
maintained by someone else?

I am a bit afraid that we eventually end up in the same situation, even if
"non-Qt core developers" contribute something. The only difference is then,
that the feature is broken instead of missing. I am not sure whether that's
any better..(I remember that I've tried to enable the android selection
handles immediately after they got introduced. Unfortunately I stumbled
across some nasty bugs which I couldn't resolve without patching and
rebuilding Qt. So I ended up deactivating the selection handles again.
Although the functionality was already there (and almost working), it took
a few Qt patch releases until those issues got fixed).


Konstantin Tokarev <annulen at yandex.ru> schrieb am Mi., 27. Feb. 2019, 18:34:

> 27.02.2019, 18:23, "Jason H" <jhihn at gmx.com>:
> >Who knows Objective C and Java? Not many.
> I guess that amongst mobile developers this number is higher than for C++
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> Konstantin
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