[Interest] Fwd: vs. Flutter

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Wed Feb 27 20:59:00 CET 2019

> Your every response has indicated this will not happen, just that mobile
> will follow the other platforms. I don't understand why Qt won't commit
> to adding the missing Mobile APIs.
The company is a joint stock company with the sole purpose of making as much
profit as possible and filling the pockets of its owners.

I guess someone in TQtC has done the math and came to the conclusion that
they could make much more profit by investing their limited resources in
growth markets like Industrial & Automotive. Mobile apps are probably a
mature business and the marketing department doesn't expect any more growth
there, at least no growth in their market share. This means that the cow
will be milked and only maintained.

In addition, TQtC may not be able to keep up with the big players who are
constantly pushing new programming languages and frameworks into the market.
Simply because the big players have a multiple of manpower and don't have to
earn any money with their frameworks. Google & co earn a lot of money with
every sold app anyway. TQtC doesn't have this opportunity.

But what I can recommend, and this is the special thing about TQtC: Submit
patches because the product is open source and the developers are very
responsive. Stories in JIRA with suggestions and wishes are in my experience
like write accesses to /dev/null. You have to do it yourself. Once you've
overcome this hurdle, you usually get a decent code review and constructive

Of course, this is all pure speculation. ;-)

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