[Interest] QFontDialog & macOS 10.14: Font family is always ".SF NS Text"

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 26 19:01:13 CET 2019

I'm using QFontDialog on macOS 10.14 with Qt 5.11.1.  No matter what font 
family or point size I select, the QFont family() and toString() methods are 
returning only ".SF NS Text" for the family, and pointSize() only returns 13.  
Under Windows, same code returns the correct family/point size.

I checked macOS 10.14 sing FontBook, and all the fonts listed are actually 

Bug in 5.11.1?  Or am I doing something wrong?  The code is really simple:

    bool ok = false;
    QFont font = QFontDialog::getFont(&ok, this);

The "ok" parameter is always true after the call.

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