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Grimm, Raphael (IAR) raphael.grimm at kit.edu
Wed Jun 19 09:15:09 CEST 2019

thanks for the hint.
Now I got several QTexture2D, but how can I access their data buffer
I did not see any function giving me access to some data buffer (but maybe I
am just blind).

In my application I do not want to display the images and need the precise
depth data (so the full floating point number).
In the best case I do not even want to have some window, the qt signal loop
or even requiring to be in a thread with a qt object tree  (the last two are
probably impossible).

Any tips on accessing the data buffer would be appreciated.


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Hi Raphael,

What you want is to do your rendering in 2 steps:

- Render your scene into a RenderTarget (with 2 attachments/textures, one
for color, one for depth)

- Render a full screen quad on which you display the depth texture.

We have some manual test in the Qt 3D sources that should show how to do


I hope that helps,


On 6/11/19 10:02 AM, Grimm, Raphael (IAR) wrote:


	I am new to Qt3D and want to render a depth image of a scene.

	My problem is: I do not know how I can access the depth buffer.

	Could someone give me an example or point me to the correct
functions and classes?



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