[Interest] [#ID:INC-1251018#] Installation issue.

william.crocker at analog.com william.crocker at analog.com
Tue Mar 12 11:51:53 CET 2019

>>>>> The problem is not the GCC version. It's the set of libraries provided by
>>>>> the old distribution.
>>>> And I guess he could still build his own packages. The libraries would
>>>> just
>>>> use bundled qt copies if too old. Only the prebuilt packages have higher
>>>> requirements, right?
>>> No; e.g. xkbcommon is no longer shipped with Qt and the one in RHEL6.6
>>> is too old (the solution is building your own, I guess).
>> And as others have found out, that is getting very difficult. The current Git
>> version of xkbcommon can only be built with Meson and you can't install Meson
>> on RHEL 6.6 (its Python3 is too old).
>> You can build the current xkbcommon release. And past releases that are
>> greater than the minimum that Qt requires, of course.
>> But the point remains: at some point, it becomes difficult to actually build
>> those dependencies because the distribution is old. Also note Qt 6 will not
>> ship bundled libraries. There will be a way to install them from sources, but
>> then we go back to the problem of actually building them.
> I think this will be a hard issue for a lot of people that need to support
> industrial customers.

I am an industrial custom. Not the biggest one, but good sized.
I have a large number of internal customers that run a large variety
of software from a large number of vendors, including myself.

Our rule is: build on the waning OS for use on the waning OS
and the up and coming OS. So, I build on RHEL 6 (my waning) and anyone
that wants to start experimenting with RHEL 7 (my up and coming)
should be able to run it.

If you now *require* RHEL 7, that implies that 7 is waning in your eyes,
and the up and coming OS is RHEL 8.

It will be several years before RHEL 7 is the standard, here.

In the end, I do not need anything from 5.12,
I just do not like to fall too far behind.

I will stick with the LTS versions.


> AbsInt will migrate to Red Hat/CentOS 7 for our builts to circumvent that, but I think
> a lot of other people don't have this possibility.
> For the xkbcommon thing: What me most disturbed is that it was removed during
> a patch release. 5.12 did compile fine on CentOS 6.x, 5.12 did have it removed
> and failed. That was kind of unexpected.
> Greetings
> Christoph
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