[Interest] Whole edit window closes.

Bill Crocker william.crocker at analog.com
Tue Mar 12 21:39:16 CET 2019


Sorry. A boring old desktop widget problem...

I have a QTableView.
I use a QStyledItemDelegate on each cell.
The delegate opens a custom, modal editor on double click.
The editor is based on a QDialog and contains a number of widgets,
one of which is a QComboBox.
When I press <Return> in the text entry area of the QComboBox,
the whole edit window closes, but I am not done "editing". Arg.

(Most of the time that is what you want because the QComboBox is
  the only widget in the editor, but not here.)

I have tried a number of things related to focus, default buttons
but nothing has worked.

How do I keep the editor open
until I press the OK button.



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