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Frank Rueter | OHUfx frank at ohufx.com
Tue Mar 19 06:35:31 CET 2019

Hi all,

I have a simple QListView in which I would like to edit items by 
clicking into empty space, typing, then hitting either enter or tab.
I’d like the tab Key_Tab event to behave exactly like Key_Enter event, 
but it’s a bit stubborn.
When I hit tab while editing an item (i.e. editor is open), the first 
item in the list is selected.

I noticed that when hitting the tab key in an open editor only a 
QtCore.QEvent.ShortcutOverride is triggered.
It looks like I can simply react to that in my situation though I’m not 
sure if that is wise?!
If I do, how would I manually emit an event that looks like a Key_Enter 

Otherwise, how can I avoid above behaviour for the tab key and make it 
behave like a regular key (I assume it’s trying to change focus in the 
focus chain but don’t know how to make it stop)?

Here is some example code to show my problem.


|class AddresseeDelegate(QtWidgets.QItemDelegate): is_valid = 
QtCore.Signal() is_not_valid = QtCore.Signal(QtCore.QModelIndex) def 
__init__(self, users=[], groups=[], parent=None): 
super(AddresseeDelegate, self).__init__(parent) self.valid_item_texts = 
[u['name'] for u in users] + [g['code'] for g in groups] def 
createEditor(self, parent, option, index): self.editor = 
QtWidgets.QLineEdit(parent) self.editor.setMinimumWidth(100) completer = 
self.editor.editingFinished.connect(lambda: self.validate_text(index)) 
return self.editor def setModelData(self, editor, model, index): 
model.setData(index, editor.text()) def validate_text(self, index=None): 
if self.editor.text() in self.valid_item_texts: # valid input 
self.commitData.emit(self.editor) self.closeEditor.emit(self.editor) 
self.is_valid.emit() else: # invalid input 
self.closeEditor.emit(self.editor) self.is_not_valid.emit(index) class 
AddresseeListView(QtWidgets.QListView): def __init__(self, users=[], 
groups=[], parent=None): '''Simple addressee widget.''' 
super(AddresseeListView, self).__init__(parent) 
self.setSpacing(10) self.setViewMode(QtWidgets.QListView.IconMode) 
#self.setWrapping(True) # delegate delegate = AddresseeDelegate(users, 
groups) self.setItemDelegate(delegate) 
delegate.is_not_valid.connect(self.delete_invalid_index) # model model = 
QtGui.QStandardItemModel() #model = Model() self.setModel(model) def 
event(self, event): if event.type() == QtCore.QEvent.ShortcutOverride: # 
need to emit a Key_Enter event here event.accept() return 
super(AddresseeListView, self).event(event) def mousePressEvent(self, 
event): self.add_and_edit() def add_and_edit(self): '''Add a new row and 
open editor''' print 'adding row' new_item = QtGui.QStandardItem('') 
self.edit(self.model().indexFromItem(new_item)) def 
delete_invalid_index(self, index): '''Remove invalid entry''' 
self.model().removeRow(index.row()) if __name__ == '__main__': app = 
QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv) users = [{'name':'aa'}, {'name':'bb'}] 
groups = [{'code':'cc'}, {'code':'dd'}] w = AddresseeListView(users, 
groups) w.show() w.raise_() app.exec_() |


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