[Interest] [Qt3D] What are active render targets for a ScreenRayCaster?

Volker Enderlein volker.enderlein at ifm-chemnitz.de
Thu Mar 28 12:13:27 CET 2019


The KDAB article 
https://www.kdab.com/new-in-qt-3d-5-11-generalized-ray-casting/ states 
that the ScreeenRayCast test is performed for every active render 
target. I just stumbled over the question what an active render target 
is considered for a ScreenRayCaster.

My FrameGraph contains an orthographic background viewport/camera, a 
SceneGraph viewport/camera and an orthographic overlay viewport/camera 
that fill the entire normalized viewport.

Additionally two smaller viewport/camera exist at the bottom of the 
window for an axis gnomon and a fps counter.

When triggering a ScreenRayCaster test with the current mouse position 
the hitsChanged signal is emitted multiple times with different hits.

Traversing the scenegraph upwards from the hitted entity (mostly a 
DistanceFieldTextRenderer is hit) leads me to entities that let me doubt 
on the returned hit.

Anyone out there who can shed some light on it? Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Volker


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