[Interest] Trying to access Microphone via QAudioInput on Mac 10.14

Roland Winklmeier roland.m.winklmeier at gmail.com
Thu May 2 15:37:10 CEST 2019

Dear Qt experts,

I'm trying to access the microphone using QAudioInput for a VoIP
application. Since Mac 10.14, I receive only silence from the QAudioInput.
After reading the Mac OS 10.14 documentation, I realize that Apple added
more Security/Privacy control to MacOS. All microphone access has to be
approved by the user.
Fair enough, however the permission request to ask for authorization is
never popping up. Also my application is not listed in the Privacy/Security
control. I simply tried to open a default device with QAudioInput and
started it. Do I miss something?
I also added <key>NSMicrophoneUsageDescription</key> to the Info.plist
which seems necessary now. However, no success still.

I also read
which suggests that it should work.

Does anyone know whats going on?

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