[Interest] Operator QMap<uint, uint>[] is casting to int?

Ola Røer Thorsen ola at silentwings.no
Tue May 7 16:08:46 CEST 2019

> Could you make an example where the casts are needed? Maybe the code can
> be rearranged in a way that the casts are NOT needed in the first place.
QByteArray bytes; // chosen because some api needs it later
std::vector<char> other_bytes; // maybe returned from some 3rd party library
if (static_cast<std::size_t>(bytes.size()) >= other_bytes.size()) {

I guess i could write stuff like

const std::size_t byteSize = bytes.size();
if (byteSize >= other_bytes.size())

but then I rather prefer static_cast. Note that I'm not saying we should
change everything in Qt to unsigned int, I think that might break a lot of
existing application code out there. Just saying that sometimes a
static_cast is needed.

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