[Interest] QFile/QDir: force move mode only?

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Tue May 14 16:15:39 CEST 2019


On 14/05/2019 15:47, Jason H wrote:
> I'd rather static bool QFile::isAtomicRename(const QString &source, cont QString &dest);
> So that the software can plan accordingly. Blindly executing won't allow the software to accomodate non-atomic renames (i.e. Display an alternate UI). It would also be nice if there was an atomic-esque non-atomic rename, that would be a copy to the target FS and then atomic rename.

Such a function would be inherently racy (the moment you have that 
information, the information is already outdated, as the filesystem may 
have changed). Suppose the function returns true, you then call 
QFile::rename() and may end up copying anyway.

(I can't also think of an API at the OS level that could answer your 
question -- rename(2), link(2) etc. are all "destructive" syscalls. But 
maybe there is some trick.)

However: KIO::rename fails if the rename cannot be performed, and you 
can then use move:

> https://api.kde.org/frameworks/kio/html/namespaceKIO.html#a399cbd217c9a897db18ea247fb289c84

Not entirely sure how to fix QFile::rename for this purpose (maybe 
adding a flag, making it fail if the rename requires a copy), or if it's 
even worth it given KIO exists.

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