[Interest] Qt on windows?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Nov 11 23:07:14 CET 2019

On Monday, 11 November 2019 13:01:32 PST Jason H wrote:
> 15:58:59: Starting: "C:\Qt\5.12.5\mingw73_64\bin\qmake.exe"
> "C:\Users\kevin\Downloads\cnhzdGF0aW9uX3VpLnppcA==\station_ui\station_ui.pr
> o" -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=debug" "CONFIG+=qml_debug" 
> Usage: C:\Qt\5.12.5\mingw73_64\bin\qmake.exe [mode] [options] [files]

Since qmake did not print anything before that "Usage:" line, it can be from 
this return in qmake/options.cpp:

                if(!handled) {
                    return Option::QMAKE_CMDLINE_SHOW_USAGE | 

or from here:

            if(Option::mkfile::project_files.isEmpty()) {
                return Option::QMAKE_CMDLINE_ERROR;

The first one looks impossible to me: it would imply qmake_mode is still 
"generate nothing" and I don't see how that is possible. So it must be the 
second: the list of project files is empty. That means qmake somehow failed to 
see anything in the command-line.

Obviously that is not supposed to happen. Looks like the runtime completely 
failed to parse the GetCommandLineArgsW. Debugging is needed.

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