[Interest] Licensing questions for iOS and Android

Yves Maurischat yves.maurischat at basyskom.com
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Let me answer that shortly with the gist of severeal other threads on 
this list: "It depends. Please contact the sales representatives of The 
Qt Company."

I dont think that you'll get a definitive answer from this list as 
licensing seems to depend on your project, the mood of the sales rep, 
whether Mars and Jupiter align and a million other things. You'll have 
to work it out with someone from TQtC as their licensing scheme changes 
often, is mostly not really shared with outsiders (even with partners) 
and often applied on a case to case base.

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Am 08.10.2019 um 09:16 schrieb Vyacheslav Lanovets:
> I hope to hear expert opinions on the following.
> Let's say the company has 10 developers who develop a Mobile app for
> consumer phones.
> 2 persons use *Mac* to make the app work on iOS (static linking!).
> Another 2 persons work from PCs on supporting Android specifics
> (shared linking).
> All 10 have primary PC with Microsoft Visual Studio for regular
> development because it is faster.
> Also there is 2 build machines:
> 1 PC for generating Android builds.
> 1 Mac for generating iOS builds.
> So, how many licenses should the company pay for?
> 13 licenses (~40000 euro a year)? Or 12? Or 10? Or just for 3 Macs? Or
> maybe only for 2 developer Macs?
> Has anyone investigated the case with the legals?
> Opinions?
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