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It would maybe be useful to clarify what his mistake is ?
>From what I understand Uwe mixes "contributing to open source project" and
"using open source Qt for a closed project". In the former case, of course
he's welcome to buy commercial licences for whatever project he'll be
working on. In the latter case, the rational is (I guess) to prevent a
company, say, to work with 20 developers for 3 years on an OSS Qt license,
then switch to commercial when it's time to ship the product and the team
is reduced to a core maintenance crew. That late switch is unfair to
companies that are playing by the rule, but it's probably hard to police
for the Qt company.

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Le mar. 8 oct. 2019 à 15:30, Melinda Seifert <melinda.seifert at qt.io> a
écrit :

> Uwe,
> You are completely mistaken!  I'm more than happy to discuss this with
> you. My phone number is listed below. In the meantime please view
> https://www.qt.io/faq/
> 2.13. If I have started development of a project using the open source
> version (LGPL), can I later purchase a commercial version of Qt and move my
> code under that license?
> "This is not permitted without written consent from The Qt Company. If you
> have already started the development with an open-source version of Qt,
> please contact The Qt Company to resolve the issue. If you are unsure of
> which license or version to use when you start development, we recommend
> you contact The Qt Company to advise you on the best choice based on your
> development needs."
> Best Regards,
> Melinda Seifert
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> On 10/8/19, 3:54 AM, "Interest on behalf of Uwe Rathmann" <
> interest-bounces at qt-project.org on behalf of Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de>
> wrote:
>     On 10/8/19 1:21 AM, Melinda Seifert wrote:
>     > You can use commercial if you previously used Open Source but it’s on
>     > a case by case basis and you need to get approval from the Qt
>     > company.
>     Like you need to get approval from the Qt company when not having been
>     Open Source before - it is the basic right of any seller not to sell.
>     But your statement implies, that the Qt Company is blacklisting users
>     because of contributing to Open Source projects. Am I already
>     blacklisted because of offering code under an Open Source license ?
>     How does this all fit to the Qt project, that is in parts based on
>     contributions from Open Source developers. Am I invited to contribute
> to
>     the code base, while not being allowed to buy my own contribution
>     afterwards ?
>     Uwe
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