[Interest] Antialiasing in QRasterPaintEngine

Oleg Gavrilchenko gavrilchenko at avionica.spb.ru
Thu Oct 24 18:51:36 CEST 2019


Sorry for my English, it is not a my first language(Russian)

I have made a Linux Embedded system. It have Cortex-A8 processor, whit 
no GPU and windows system. I build and install Qt 5.13.1. Run 
application with QPA linuxfb. I compile some applications for this QT. 
It was work sucessfull, but line and polygon have not antilaliasing. 
Text with TTF or OTF fonts has bad rendering. I compile QT 
examples(analogclock, digitalclock, etc)

I see in debuger, that QT use QRasterPaintEngine. Flag 
QPainter::Antialiasing is setting. Then why is this happening?

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