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> Hi,
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> 	> 2) Is there a way to add my custom menu items to the first menu
> element of
> 	> my app system menu (which is bold). E.g. "untitled" in my case: .
> "Quit"
> 	> menu goes there automatically despite it's in "File" menu really,
> according to
> 	> the QML code.
> 	>
> 	In my experience the Quit menu item goes where it wants to. It
> seems to be a feature of macOS.
> I don't know for QtQuick Controls, but at least for QWidgets its not 'where it
> wants to', but 'where Qt decides to put it'. There's special logic in the native
> code for binding QMenu and it's items to macOS menu items that handles
> actions with the (translated) text 'Quit', 'About', and 'About Qt' and moves
> them to the applications' menu. So you can have a quit action in your file
> menu by not calling it 'Quit' (or 'Exit'). Maybe 'Terminate' would work.
> I suspect the same logic is being applied to menus created via QtQuick
> Controls.
> Andreas

Yeah, so... you still don't have control over it as long as it's named a certain way, which was my point.

If you think Qt is doing something wrong, then please report it as a bug. I assume we're following design guidelines for macOS.

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