[Interest] debugger strange problem

Alexander Dyagilev alervdvcw at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 12:48:16 CET 2020

"1.3" - makes debugger break.

"1,3" - works fine.

It seems that the shitty Windows 10 update has broke my locale settings. 

Is there any way to stop the debugger from breaking? Why is it breaking? 
It does not show any error messages. Application Output is empty also.

On 2/6/2020 2:44 PM, Alexander Dyagilev wrote:
> Hello,
> Suddenly, the debugger of Qt Crator has started to break debugging on 
> every QString::toDouble call.
> A minute before it was worked fine and now it does not work.
> What happened?
> string values are the same as before.
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