[Interest] [Qt3D] Assertion in QAbstractAspect when inserting entity from plugin DLL

Volker Enderlein volker.enderlein at ifm-chemnitz.de
Fri Feb 7 14:52:37 CET 2020


I am facing an error since Qt 5.14 (5.14.0 and 5.14.1) that did not show 
up in previous versions (tested Qt 5.13.2 and before)

It is a huge engineering application and I did not manage it up to now 
to reduce it to a small sample that shows the behaviour.

When interactively inserting a 3D QEntity (a custom geometry derived 
from QEntity containing a QGeometryRenderer and some QTransform nodes) 
from a plugin DLL (created with C++) I am greeted by the following 

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Debug Error!

Program: C:\Qt\5.14.1\msvc2017_64\bin\Qt5Cored.dll
Module: 5.14.1
File: aspects\qabstractaspect.cpp
Line: 213

ASSERT: "metaObj" in file aspects\qabstractaspect.cpp, line 213

(Press Retry to debug the application)

And the application does not display the graphics component inserted. 
Other components are shown. I already inspected the output of the 
logging categories for Qt3D and our plugin DLL but did not succeed up to 
now in finding the reason for this behaviour.

Did anyone were facing similar regressions when updating a Qt3D based 
application Qt 5.14?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Cheers, Volker

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