[Interest] QQuickImageProvider for PDF rendering

Michal Klocek michal.klocek at qt.io
Tue Feb 11 15:50:08 CET 2020


Checkout qtwebengine repo and wip-qtpdf branch to see latest qtquick 
apis for qtpdf




On 2/11/20 3:38 PM, Neubert Stefan wrote:
> Hi list,
> we are using a QQuickImageProvider to load and render PDF pages through qtpdf to display the pages in QtQuick.
> Right now we use an additional qmlExtentionPlugin to get the information about a pdf document, like page count
> and request the page images in a QtQuick Image by setting the source property to something like
> "image:://ProviderName/PathToPDF/pageNumber". The image provider has some queues holding the last
> requested documents and pages to avoid reloading the pdfs all the time. This is working quite fine.
> We are searching for an approach how to avoid the double loading, in our extention plugin and in the image provider.
> One idea was to extend an image provider with Q_PROPERTY or something else to access the meta data of the loaded
> pdfs, like accessing a singleton object in QtQuick, but we donĀ“t know if this would be the right approach or even possible.
> The qt blog about qtpdf in 2017 said something about adding QtQuick support, but there has not been any work on it.
> Any suggestion on how to properly implement qtpdf in QQuick or how to extend an image provider with additional
> meta data is welcome.
> Regards Stefan
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