[Interest] Round Corners of ShellSurfaceItem

Mario Kastner mario.kastner at protonmail.com
Sun Feb 16 17:45:13 CET 2020

Hello Friends!

I am trying to create a Wayland based desktop environment with a
slightly different approach. My window decorator is not on top of a
window but aside of it:

round ->  /---|---------------------\  <-- round
          | x |                     |
          | _ |                     |
          |   |  ShellSurfaceItem   |
          |   |                     |
          |   |                     |
          |   |                     |
round ->  \---|---------------------/ <-- round

I've managed to draw the decorator through a canvas element. Works
fine. But somehow, I am not able to round the right side corners of the
ShellSurfaceItem. I've also tried to put the whole window under a
OpacityMask (rounded rectangle) which worked quiet well, but
unfortunatly every right-click menu was cutted away when it leaves the

I haven no idea where to start. Maybe one of you could give me a hint,
or some examples.

Mario Kastner

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