[Interest] Editor history (was: Re: Signal/Slot connection fails, ...)

Max Paperno max-l at wdg.us
Mon Feb 17 10:13:19 CET 2020

One of the only two(*) things I miss about using Eclipse is that it 
automatically kept a history of file changes every time you saved (up to 
some configurable time period). And a built-in diff viewer where it was 
easy to compare revisions, revert all or parts, etc. Would be great to 
have that option in QtCreator.

I know we can manually commit from QtC, but it's not as simple or 
foolproof (even an automated commit message like "version from 1/1/2000 
13:05:15" would be helpful). And if the project is already under a VCS 
like git which will be published publicly, I don't want all my interim 
saves clogging it up. (Make a branch, yeah... then remember to not push 
it, and to switch branches before any "real" commits..., and clean it 
out regularly so the index doesn't get out of hand. I already try to do 
that to some extent ("WIP" branch) but it's not ideal.) Would love to 
know about a better way.


* The other is being able to mouseover a macro and see it expanded into 
formatted code, including parameter substitution if the macro uses 
arguments. IIRC it was even recursive, meaning any other macros in the 
base macro would also get expanded. Didn't work 100% of the time, but 
still a useful feature.

On 2/14/2020 3:05 PM, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> On 07/02/2020 21.37, Jonathan Purol wrote:
>> After manually removing every line of code to see when a MVCE would
>> work, I found a loose `blockSignals(true)` flying around that was there
>> from a debugging session.
> `git diff`? Stuff like this is why you should use a VCS (it doesn't have
> to be git) even for personal projects, and commit early and often, so
> that when you're working on something, it's easy to see what's changed.
> </PSA>

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