[Interest] Question: Qt6 and the future of GnuWin32

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io
Thu Jan 2 08:34:04 CET 2020


The Cmake branch readme contains this section: https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/tree/cmake/README.md?h=wip/cmake#n20

My assumption is that (for now) this applies also to the related gnuwin32 tools required for compiling Qt.
Also the readme contains instructions on how to build the dependent tools via vcpkg or other package managers.


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> Hello.
> As I cant find the Blog Entry where this Question maybe has been answered:
> What is / are the future plans about Qt6 and GnuWin32?
> 1.) As Qt6 no longer comes with the GnuWin32 Package (at least the git
> source. I dont know about the pre-built Binary Packages), I now have
> downloaded the "latest" GnuWin32 Stuff from download.qt.io - but this Zip
> Archive is from February 2019 and also categorized as a "Development
> Release".
> Everything has the same Version as the Qt5 GnuWin32 Binaries checked out
> with git. So probably meaningless and interchangeable for now.
> 2.) GnuWin32 is officially unmaintained aka dead since 2017.
> Do we (the Enduser) take care of this from now on? Do you (Digia / Qt
> Project) provide updated compatible Version from time to time? Will (or
> better can / should etc.) those dependencies being removerd in the future?
> Either way is fine. As long it is clear what is coming.
> Yes I know that Qt6 is at least 12-18 Months off and a lot is still in flux.
> Thank you
> Oliver

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