[Interest] QQmlApplicationEngine::warnings is not emitted

Jérôme Godbout godboutj at amotus.ca
Thu Jan 2 15:26:47 CET 2020

You should verify your qmlUrl variables content and see if the resources can be found. Print the url and check the binary does have access to that url (either a direct file name, relative path or qrc: or an absolute path…). If it’s a resource, make sure you do include your resources into your build.

The other problem could be that the main qml script is badly written and doesn’t load. You can try by making a very basic example with a window a a text only to ensure it’s not the content of your main qml file or any depending files.

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Why this can happen?

I'm getting empty root objects, errors in Application Output tab in Qt Creator and empty qmlWarnings variable.

m_engine.reset(new QQmlApplicationEngine);

        QList<QQmlError> qmlWarnings;

        qtconnect(m_engine.data(), &QQmlApplicationEngine::warnings,

                  [&qmlWarnings](const QList<QQmlError> &warnings)





        if (m_engine->rootObjects().isEmpty())


            m_initFailed.first = true;

            m_errorDesc = QObject::tr("QML load failure.");

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