[Interest] Handling IP V4 and V6 as a QTcpServer?

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Mon Jan 13 19:49:38 CET 2020

I an starting to see QHostAddress::toString() return things like: "::ffff:", which is a IPv6 mapping.
However when I try to connect to this address it does not work. That server is a QTcpServer bound as:
_server.listen(QHostAddress::Any, PORT);

When the QHostAddress resolves to a IPv4 address, everything works. When it resolves to IPv6, it does not.
When implementing servers with QTcpServer, how do I provide a service that works with both protocols? At the application level, I don't [want to] care with protocol they use.

Lastly, is this documented anywhere?

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