[Interest] VSCode Qt extension: use of natvis files from QtVSAddin (license)

Miguel Costa miguel.costa at qt.io
Tue Jan 14 12:27:46 CET 2020

My (non-specialized) opinion is that if you're going to use this natvis file, either bundled or downloading it in run-time, then you will need to license your extension under the GPLv3. I don't think the exception is applicable, the file is part of the source code and not an "output of [the] application".

But again this is just my layman's opinion on the matter.

--Miguel Costa

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Subject: [Interest] VSCode Qt extension: use of natvis files from QtVSAddin (license)

Hey @everybody,

I have a question about the natvis file license from the QtVSAddin repo. I‘ve building a VScode extension (in th last couple of weeks) which work more or less very similar like the QtVSaddin for Visual Studio like open Qt Designer directly from VSCode and so on (I want to open source it in the next couple of weeks, hopefully).
Now I want to add debugger extension via natvis file, because it is directly supported via C++ extension.

I have read the license of the xml file on the github mirror https://github.com/qt-labs/vstools/blob/v2.4.3/src/qtvstools/qt5.natvis.xml and I‘m not really sure if the exception 1 is exactly my case.

I would like to bundle the natvis file into my repo, which would have an MIT license. If that is not allowed can I download it via the extension itself on the client? Or is that completly forbidden?

The problem is that I‘m not sure if I can license my extension under GPLv3 because every extension i saw was MIT based.

Thanks in advance
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