[Interest] Can I mix Qt VS Tools with Visual Studio's "Linux development with C++" to build a Qt app on Linux?

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Thu Jan 30 19:15:50 CET 2020


I originally posted this question on the Qt Forum: https://forum.qt.io/topic/110620/can-i-mix-qt-vs-tools-with-visual-studio-s-linux-development-with-c-to-build-a-qt-app-on-linux

One of the moderators, JKSH, suggested asking here if I didn't get any responses, which I have not.

In my searching, I haven't found anything directly on topic about this. So, I thought I'd post here. Full disclosure: I am quite new and green with respect to Qt.

I've tinkered enough to be able to use the Qt VS Tools to create a Qt project that builds for Windows using Visual Studio 2017.

And I've created a C++ project using the "Linux development with C++" that builds on Linux using Visual Studio 2017.

Now I'd like to mix the two in order to build my Qt app on both Windows and Linux using Visual Studio 2017 to perform both builds.

The Qt VS Tools documentation talks about creating a .pro file and exporting the project in order to build on other platforms. This would seem to indicate that it is not possible to do what I'd like. But, I'm not sure whether this is a hard requirement or just reflects the state of things when the documentation was written.

So, is it possible to mix the two and build a Qt app from Visual Studio for both Windows and Linux platforms? If so, can someone give me an outline of the steps to follow to achieve this?

Many Thanks

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