[Interest] Models and aborting structural changes

Jonathan Purol contact at folling.de
Wed Jun 3 13:49:41 CEST 2020

> So, is the issue that the client might attempt to modify some data which
> is already old (because there is some change coming from the server to
> the UI, which hasn’t reached the UI yet)?
> In that case I’d use optimistic locking, i.e. assign a version number to
> the data. Upon each data change, version is incremented. If the client
> submits an edit whose version number is less than the actual version
> number (which means the client hasn’t observed all changes yet) simply
> discard that edit.

That's also not the issue :P
Again, my issue is that the notification we are getting arrives *after*
the change was done, but Qt wants to also know about the change *before*
 it was done.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Purol

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